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VisioLogix introduces CITE M1G3, the second generation Body Worn Camera (BWC) designed using feedback from over twenty-five law enforcement agencies worldwide. The M1G3 engineered as a multi-role BWC is providing both overt and covert operation using optional attachments. The rigorous requirements that law enforcement demands have been addressed such as longer recording time between charging, file access permission, docking station, GPS and many other features. When matched with EMS Enterprise, EMS Standard or our Cloud service, our media management solution, the M1G3 offers comprehensive automation when deploying and managing cameras, media files, and metadata.

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Many manufacturers use the same “look alike” Asian based Body Worn Cameras (BWC), but not all cameras are the same as each manufacturer has different features that have been implemented in the camera. VisioLogix provides the most comprehensive feature set for our BWC system in the market by supporting non-proprietary solution using widely deploy and supported Microsoft Windows® operating system and applications. Our Evidence Management Software (EMS) can be deployed for small to large agencies. VisioLogix is a USA based company with more than 200+ agencies using our solution worldwide.

  • Software Control Settings—Eliminate from having to configure each camera one by one
  • Single Press Record—One touch recording even when in sleep mode
  • Pre-Recording—settable 30 Seconds
  • Secure Settings Access—changes can be done with software or at camera with password
  • Secure File Access—can only be access using software
  • Easy camera assignment—easy to assign camera to Officer
  • Camera Profile—create different camera settings and assign to different division
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Indicators—LED, Audio, and Vibrate
  • Battery and Storage Indicator—show storage available and total recording time remaining
  • Convenient Docking Base—For use on desk or in vehicle
  • OPTIONAL: 8 Port Docking Stations (Linux® or Windows®)
  • OPTIONAL: Evidence Management Software (EMS) or Cloud EMS
• Single button push command• Camera Config Tool Software control all Aspect of the camera features
• Full HD 1296P@30, 1080P@30, 720P@30-60 and D1@30• Configurable Pre/Post settings
• 5M Pixels CMOS Sensor• Limit user to make changes to camera parameters
• IP65 (Waterproof and Dust Proof)• Motion detection recording when set by software and cannot be turned OFF or ON by user
• Integrated GPS• Audio voice announcement now included multi-language (RECORDING, AUDIO RECORDING, STOP, etc.)
• USB Desktop/Vehicle Docking/Charging Station included• Camera logs all actions (buttons push). The camera log is uploaded when connecting to EMS
• Standard 32GB Storage (not user accessible). 64GB available• Access to camera is restricted. Password required to view camera DATA (videos, photos, and audio)
• Long battery life with 4 hour charging time• Audio Recording or Photo button can be Admin disabled
• 3000mA Li-ion battery (not user accessible)• Single button Covert Operation - disabled all indicators (LED and Audio)
• 4pcs IR LED, Auto IR Cut Filter, Shooting distance 3-5m• Auto Reminder tone to notify Officer camera is still recording (Settable Time)
• Pre-recording up to 10 hours at 720P Resolution• Administrators can remove menu items to limit access to features
• 24 hours standby mode• Easily set camera settings by saving different camera profile types
• Auto Reminder LED and Tone/Vibrate• Password Protection access to Camera
• Optimal Low Light close to human eye• Long Lasting docking mechanism
• Dimension (LxWxH)94 X 60 X 31MM (3.7”X2.4”X1.2”)
• Weight177G (6.2 OZ)
• Operating Temperature-20º TO 60C (-4° - 140° F)


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Weight 24 g
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 3 mm


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