HydraAIO HPE M30 Four M1G3 Camera Kit


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VisioLogix introduces CITE M1G3, the second generation Body Worn Camera (BWC) designed using feedback from over twenty-five law enforcement agencies worldwide. The M1G3 engineered as a multi-role BWC is providing both overt and covert operation using optional attachments. The rigorous requirements that law enforcement demands have been addressed such as longer recording time between charging, file access permission, docking station, GPS and many other features. When matched with EMS Enterprise, EMS Standard or our Cloud service, our media management solution, the M1G3 offers comprehensive automation when deploying and managing cameras, media files, and metadata.

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The HydraAIO HPE ML30 Gen10 Four Body-Worn Camera Kit provides a complete turnkey solution for small agencies requiring four or fewer cameras. The HydraAIO Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE) ML30 Gen10 delivers a fantastic 10TB enterprise storage solution with room to increase the storage further. It is designed specifically for Law Enforcement agencies requiring a secure, reliable, low maintenance, fully serviceable using off-the-shelf components evidence data storage. The unit comes complete with a monitor, keyboard, and mouse for an agency with an existing network connection. Each kit pre-configures with the VisioLogix comprehensive evidence management system (EMS) and other software tools, allowing for complete set up within 15 minutes. 

HydraAIO HPE ML30 Gen10 Server

Hydra All in One (HydraAIO) server allows agencies with an internal IT department to be able to manage the system without having to purchase additional support or maintenance services.  With the HPE ML30 Gen10, only additional hard drives are needed to expand the storage.  . A typical setup can be completed in about thirty minutes and there are several deployment models available to fit your requirements and budget.

The setup delivers a comprehensive system allowing the customer to deploy body worn cameras, assign users, supervisors and district attorneys, providing access to Hydra from anywhere with an internet connection.

Turnkey Server

HydraAIO comes prepackaged and delivered turnkey with the latest operating system and security software installed and configured letting you deploy Hydra with very limited IT knowledge. The HydraAIO system is designed to be deployed with minimal effort, minimal knowledge and without the need to burden the IT department.

Easy to use

The HydraAIO turnkey server uses a variety of underlying technologies that are designed to work in unison and integrated for ease of installation and ease of use but most importantly ease of management.


Only VisioLogix delivers turnkey industry standard servers with significantly enhanced security features fully integrated into HydraAIO adding additional layers of security that ensure peace of mind for the full life-cycle of the server. Only port 443, which is the HTTPS port (secure version of HTTP), is needed to connect to the internet giving Hydra-SOS another layer of protection between the internet and your data.

Complete Solution

HydraAIO is an innovative comprehensive Evidence Management solution that is full featured and designed for maximum ease of use, performance, management and security backed by an award winning support program. Coupled with affordable deployment and operational costs HydraAIO does not leave you guessing what the budget is going to look like. Your data is yours and is on site eliminating the variable cost of access when you need to retrieve files.

HydraAIO encompasses so much it is hard to list all the key features and functions that are available. VisioLogix is always enhancing and adding new features, improving existing ones and leveraging customer feedback to advance the capabilities of Hydra.

Some of the many key features and advantages of Complete Solution are:

  • Low upfront cost
  • Simple and easy deployment
  • Expandable storage
  • Multiple server models to fit any agency sizes
  • Fully automated intelligent Retention Service eliminating manual file maintenance
  • No internal download delays due to slow internet
  • No software maintenance contract
  • Utilizing existing internal IT department for support, so no additional costly support contract needed


Unrivaled reliability and performance

  • Docking Station Included
  • Four (4) M1G3 Camera Kit Included
  • Windows® Storage Server 2016
  • Hewlett-Packard Enterprise server reliability
  • Up to four (4) easy removable hot-swappable hard drive bays for easy replacement
  • Standard 32GB of RAM
  • 500GB SSD Boot OS for Fast Export data store
  • HPE SmarArray RAID Controller
  • Enterprise SAS hard drives for reliability
  • Gigabit and 10GbE Network
  • High Efficiency 80 Plus Power Supply (add second power supply for redundancy)
  • Monitor and Keyboard/Mouse included

Simple setup and operation

  • Integrated VisioLogix TeamViewer 12 software for remote access support (can be uninstalled)
  • Windows® Server familiarity for easy maintenance

Sleek, elegant design

  • Huge virtual workspace, very small footprint.
  • Support for VESA mounting solutions (VESA Mount Adapter sold separately)



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Weight 24 g
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 3 mm


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