Since Federal Courts have ruled that citizens can record police officers on duty while in public places, it becomes more important for law enforcement officers to protect themselves from false claims, accusations and frivolous lawsuits based on a single viewpoint that most likely never captured all the facts. There are always two sides to an incident, and the use of Body Worn Cameras can help facilitate another perspective that can change the outcome. Also, people tend to change their demeanor when they know they are being recorded.

Today, many smaller law enforcement agencies are faced with tight budgets but still uphold a strong commitment to maintaining order in their community, meaning that many officers must purchase their own body worn camera. This also means having to maintain video for a period of time to prove a case or wage an effective defense against false claims. Storage space must be allocated, and video evidence managed to ensure effective use. The logistics can get out of hand quickly.

The goal for VisioLogix is to improve public safety and support victims of crime by addressing operational gaps and promoting innovative solutions to common problems while enhancing the awareness and usage of Body Cameras as another tool for today’s law enforcement. The purpose of this grant program is to aid municipal police departments, county sheriff’s offices and Police Officers in establishing or enhancing their body-worn camera (BWC) program to achieve these goals.

VisioLogix is accepting select applications allowing free un-restricted usage of our web-based evidence management system providing the agency with the tools needed for storage, organization, classification, search and review of video evidence. Limitations are applied to the data retention of 60 days for unclassified files and a maximum of 90 days for classified files.

This is a FREE service for one year with no use restriction and an option to extend it for a more extended period based on demand and availability. The grant is restricted to only the evidence management software (EMS) delivered via Software as a Service (SaaS). The use of third-party body-worn cameras is supported, and officers are not obligated to purchase any VisioLogix equipment.

The Grant is restricted to law enforcement or high-valued security services with 1 to 10 Officers. Contract Police Officers must be associated with a law enforcement agency to utilize the service.

There are no commitment terms or limited features when you sign up for this FREE service. Unlike other offers that limit services to 12 months, we provide the service to you as long as you wish to use it.


  • Free use of Hydra, our comprehensive Evidence Management System (EMS) Enterprise Edition
  • Free 60 days of storage
  • Free Support via the web and email
  • Free access to our training videos
  • Free in-the-field review software for your MDT/MDC (Windows®)
  • Free file uploads from your tablet or smartphone without installing any applications
  • No camera manufacturer restrictions – Use your existing body-worn cameras or upgrade to our latest body-worn camera technology by contacting us or one of our distributors or partners.

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