VisioLogix Evidence Management Systems (EMS) Features

The proliferation of body-worn camera use has increased the need for data management of files captured by these devices and from other sources. VisioLogix introduces Hydra, our Evidence Management System (EMS), giving police agencies the tools to organize and maintain this vast amount of data. Hydra is a direct result of customer input and market requirements by law enforcement, security agencies and IT departments since 2000. As a result, EMS has evolved to become a comprehensive data management solution.

While Hydra works best with our CITE camera product line, it is not limited to just our cameras and can support any media device that captures and stores media files including attached scanners. We believe an agency should have more than one method of gathering and storing digital evidence. Therefore, we provide software and hardware solutions that effectively transfers data from the device or other sources to your storage (On-premise or Cloud).

VisioLogix’s Hydra provides an easy to use logical interface allowing users to focus on the media files vital to them and provide the tools needed to optimize workflow. You can organize, categorize, group, view and search records with ease with full audit and chain of custody logs. Hydra also delivers complete media retention services to improve data storage based on defined policies and provide archival log capabilities. Hydra includes many new features that help automate and streamline camera uploads including tools to upload 3rd party cameras, in-car DVR, interview room media, and intelligent monitoring of storage capacity. A new enhanced video pixilation process protects privacy concerns when releasing the video to resources outside the agency.

With over 300 installations, we understand small and large agency requirements; therefore, we provide two different solutions:  Hydra for more massive network deployments and Hydra with HydraSOS for smaller agencies. Hydra, designed to take the complexity out of deployment, can quickly install it on a single PC or a Wide Area Network with no complex firewall rules and policies. With our solution, the officer can manage, search and review historical events and case information. The primary goal is to reduce the burden of information management and allow the officer to concentrate on day-to-day tasks in the field where their time is more beneficial to the community.

To summarize, VisioLogix EMS has been designed from the ground up with direct input of police officers, supervisors and administrators to reduce the complexity in using, managing, and administering the every growing video evidence data.

For Officers

  • Provide an affordable high-value solution for individual deployment (Officers wanting protection from frivolous lawsuits)
  • Mobile software to Annotate in the field using the MDT/MDC
  • Simplify the transfer process for Officers
  • Provide a simple method to search for videos
  • Provide a simple way to categorize “incident” videos

For Supervisors

  • Integrate with multiple BWC manufacturers
  • Configure multiple cameras at the same time using camera setting profiles
  • Setup camera profile for each division (SWAT, patrol, CSI, etc.)
  • Provide the same interface so Officers using the standalone version can easily migrate to a network version without re-training
  • Secure transfer and access from various cameras to the video data repository location
  • Track all access (change of custody)
  • Provide a simple way to manage “incidents” videos between Officers and Commanding Officers.
  • Provide an easy method to export videos and metadata for court use

For Administrators

  • Deploy as On-Premise, Cloud or Hybrid using the same software
  • Track all system configuration changes ,including change of custody
  • Easy Deployment (just open port HTTPS to allow district attorneys access to the system)
  • Deploy HydraSOS to allow other department or division to control ownership of their media files while still centralized all access 
  • No complex firewall or network configuration for a large agency
  • Support both Physical or Virtual servers
  • Support distributed automate storage retention (knows where all videos are at regardless of locations)
  • Protection from malware with Cloud backup when deploying on-premise storage
  • No proprietary storage solutions, databases, or hardware

Advantages of VisioLogix Solution

  • Hardware Agnostic – Support 3rd party body cameras.
  • Ease of use – simple interface to use and search for data. (Our goal is to keep the manual below 20 pages)
  • No proprietary PC or Server requirements
  • Per-user license only. No additional licensing costs for servers or devices. Install on as many servers or PCs as you need.
  • Run as standalone or on a centralized server shared by unlimited users
  • Support low-cost NAS for video storage
  • Unlimited classification definitions
  • Integrated data retention based on classifications (DUI, Felony, Speeding, etc.)
  • Video playback with GPS (requires the camera with GPS information)
  • Comprehensive Case Management allows you to organize your videos and data efficiently.
  • Object Redaction (Face) comes standard without any additional costs.
  • Modular design so easy 3rd party integration with CMS/CAD


VisioLogix “Hydra” is our most comprehensive Body Worn Camera (BWC) management system to date because the system is no longer restricted to just BWC media only. Hydra is a direct result of customer input and market requirements by both large law enforcement and private security agencies. While Hydra works best with our M1 and A1 series cameras, it is not limited and can support any media device that captures video from other sources such as interview room, polygraph interviews and meta-data, DVR/NVR media, smartphones, etc. VisioLogix provides highly reliable and multiple platform types (On-Premise, Cloud, or Hybrid) for capturing, managing, and storing of evidence data.

Go beyond just storing media from body-worn cameras. As law enforcement agencies gather more evidence from multi sources, the need for evidence data consolidation is required. VisioLogix’s Hydra is a complete Evidence Management Solution that streamlines and enhances an organization’s ability to store, view and handle multiple digital sources as well as physical evidence. Hydra provides agencies with an integrated, robust, secure new method to manage, view evidence data while managing storage with automated retention.

  • Architecture change to allow Hydra to be deployed On-Premise and in a Public or Private Cloud services (for small agencies, a Hybrid solution would be more cost effective)
  • Web solution
  • Web Client User Interface
  • Multiple Windows® Services to automate 3rd party devices uploading process
  • Microsoft Azure services API support
  • Multiple storage technology protocols
  • Windows® based mobile client for in the field data entry and upload
  • Automated 3rd Party media and other digital data ingestion
  • Follows Scientific Working Group Digital Evidence and Image Technology guidelines
  • Barcode system to track physical evidence (coming soon)
  • Docking station hardware can support 3rd party cameras
  • Patent pending File Routing Engine (FRE™) with advanced retention services will archive data to any Cloud provider or off-site storage based on file access frequency or set retention policy
  • EMS Mobile software support uploading directly from MDT/MDC to help remote users or users working at home

User Dashboard

Provide users with clear information on status of files currently in the system such as:

  • Archive Files
  • Classified Files
  • Share Files

Evidence Catalog

The evidence catalog is where users will spend most of their time because it allows users to search and view files including uploading files from other media sources. Users will also be able to see other user’s data if they have permission to do so. The search catalog allows Users search the records of other users and view their files.

  • Search based on Parameters
  • Search for all Unviewed Files
  • Search for all Unclassified Files

Easy File Review

Information about the file is always visually available. From File View icon, each single click shows the following without leaving the icon:

  • File Count – when searching, the system will show the results by file count
  • Case Report Number – the system displays the file assigned to a case
  • File Creation Date/Time – the date and time the file was created
  • File Ingestion Date/Time – the date and time the file was uploaded to the system.
  • Primary Classification – the system shows the file was assigned a primary classification
  • File Security/Permission – the system displays the file has an Officer Role permission allowing only accounts with Officer Role or higher security clearance will be able to view the file
  • Address of Incident – the system shows the location of the incident
  • File Retention Days – the system displays the remaining days the will stay in the system before the retention service remove or move the file to archive or for purging
  • File Extension / Total View – the system shows the file extension (MP4, JPG, etc.). It also shows how many times this file has been viewed. If you want to know who view the file select History
  • Shared Files – Indicate shared files with other users.
  • File History – the system will display all that has been done to the file
  • And more…

Media Player

With the search results displayed, selects a single file or multiple files to view. You have two options available when you search for videos.

Review an individual or the various records in chronological order (based on selection)

  • Take snapshots of any vital incident
  • Export file
  • Add Notes
  • Review File Details
  • GPS – See where the event took place
  • Single View Player
  • Multi-view Player

Upload from Web Interface

One other unique feature of Hydra is the ability to load other media sources directly from the web page. The function is simple to use and support tablets such as Windows, iOS, and Android. The upload capability is perfect for agencies with personnel tasks with forensic gathering using a tablet.

Annotation in the Field

Deploy HydraSOS to allow other department or division to control ownership of their media files while still centralized all access
Using our EMS Mobile software, Officers can annotate in the field: Add case ID, CAD ID, or RMS ID; Add Notes and Address; Review videos and take a snapshot with commenting; and many more. Available for Windows, Android, and iOS. Some camera models include EMS Mobile built-in so Officers can annotate directly on the camera. 

Account Reports

Reports can be generated using the simple Report Engine (RE) built into Hydra. RE will allow users with permission to create reports based on all the fields similar to the SEARCH PARAMETER making it easy for users to create simple reports.

Hybrid solution using HydraSOS

VisioLogix is proud to release HydraSOS. Hydra Storage-On-Site (HydraSOS) is a cost effective alternative to the Cloud Storage System or cloud storage providers such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Wasabi, etc.

With the introduction of HydraSOS, customers with new or existing NAS or server based disk solutions can use it as the primary on premise storage. Let VisioLogix manage the software and provide the latest releases and support while you provide the storage with the comfort that the data is always located securely on premise. Leverage your hardware investment and easily project future costs with confidence.  Check out VisioLogix Hosted Service in the section Software as a Service (SaaS)

Experience zero maintenance on server hardware and annual comprehensive software maintenance and support from our award-winning support team by using Hydra software delivered via VisioLogix Software as a Service (SaaS). Act now to take advantage of our IACP Pricing Special – SaaS with HydraSOS service is available for the meager price of $25.00 per user per month.

The Hybrid advantages with HydraSOS are:

  • No variable monthly storage cost
  • No data access fees
  • Guaranteed to work with customer storage solutions
  • Set your monthly pricing for software use (no variable pricing)
  • Simplifies budgeting and cost projections
  • Full control of your storage
  • File ownership issues no longer an issue as compared to some cloud solutions
  • Faster response reviewing media files
  • No internal download delays due to slow internet
  • No server to purchase or setup
  • No software maintenance contract
  • Reliable and timely support
  • Get 2TB of Cloud storage for files you want to retain longer

How does HydraSOS works?

HydraSOS creates a secure communication between VisioLogix SaaS and the on-premise storage through the HydraSOS service install and running on a Windows® server. Only port 443 (HTTPS) between Hydra and the HydraSOS server are needed to provide a secure connection to the customer’s data. In additional Customer can provide VPN service and implement restrict data access for the Customer’s network only. As upload data always remain on Customer’s network, fixed high costs bandwidth is no longer required. Customer is guarantee data is always available and secure at Customer site. The requirements for HydraSOS is listed below:


VisioLogix can also provide our own cloud solution as an option. The VisioLogix Advanced Cloud Ecosystem (ACE) provides options to manage digital evidence from numerous sources such as body-worn cameras, in-car DVR, interview rooms, NVR recordings, etc. ACE minimizes deployment costs, eliminates internal network performance and growth issues by providing all the advantages of having the latest equipment and infrastructure services without the headaches and mystery costs associated with running an EMS solution.



Hydra Server Specifications
Hydra has multiple servers that support the Hydra environment. Depending on your deployment scenarios we recommend you consult with our sales engineers. For small deployments with less than 32 devices, we recommend using VisioLogix SaaS. The information below represents a recommended configuration and can be substitute with other manufacturer make and models.

Web Server
HyrdaSOS and App Server
Database Server
Optional: Storage Depot Server
Redaction Server
HydraSOS Server
Windows® 2016 or higher 64-bit ServerWindows® 2016 or higher 64-bit ServerWindows® 2016 or higher 64-bit Server with SQL Server Standard 2016 or higherLinux 64-bit (for use as temporary storage while FPE process files). Linux 64-bit (for use to redact video files). Windows® 2016 Server with direct access storage or NAS in iSCSI mode
Minimum Intel®/AMD® Quad Core 2.4GHz or higherMinimum Intel®/AMD® Quad Core 2.4GHz or higherMinimum Intel®/AMD® Quad Core 2.4GHz or higherMinimum Intel®/AMD® Quad Core 2.4GHz or higherMinimum Intel®/AMD® Quad Core 3.0GHz or higherMinimum Intel®/AMD® Dual Core 2.0GHz or higher
Minimum Drive: 1TB SSDOS Drive: minimum 1TB SSD RAID1OS Drive: 1TB SSD Minimum
Recommend minimum of 1TB SSD storage to support up to 50 IDS8Micro docking stations.Recommend minimum of 1TB SSD storageMinimum Drive: 500GB SSD for OS. Additional Storage for data required
Microsoft® IIS Server (minimum version 7.x or higher)Recommend Dual Gigabit Ethernet in load balance modeDrives: 1TB RAID1 (Temp/Logs) 2TB RAID10 (Data) Download Turkey Linux File Server image to installDownload Turkey Linux File Server image to installLatest Microsoft® IIS Server
Recommend Dual Gigabit Ethernet in load balance modeRecommend NVidia GPU Adapter for Video Encoding ServiceRecommend Dual Gigabit Ethernet in load balance modeRecommend limiting three sessions per connectionRecommend NVidia GPU Adapter to speed up TensorFlow Service
Recommend Dual Gigabit Ethernet in load balance mode
Storage Types
Windows® Server with direct access storage (DAS)
NAS or SAN Storage Device (Synology, Netgear, FreeNAS, etc.)
Microsoft® Azure Storage Blob
Amazon® AWS S3 Storage
Wasabi® Storage
CEPH Object Storage (Coming Soon)