VisioLogix Cloud Application Services (CAS)

VisioLogix Cloud Application Services, CAS, takes application delivery services to the next level by providing access to applications with the least amount of downtime. CAS for body worn camera gives your agency flexible options to manage body worn camera deployment cost, network performance, and growth issues by providing all the advantages of having the latest equipment and infrastructure services without the headaches and mystery costs associated with running a body worn camera system. Many agencies have been shying away from using Cloud because of the high costs of storage. CAS provides a hybrid solution by delivering high-availability software at a low monthly price while allowing agencies to control their own storage costs. CAS eliminates equipment costs and ensures the most optimized BWC deployment possibilities through cost control and superior service. CAS does not limit you to a single vendor as Customers can purchase private Cloud storage from 3rd party Cloud Storage Providers, or 3rd Party Body-Worn Cameras as well as other media files from different sources.

VisioLogix Service Deliveries

VisioLogix provides the same standard features deployed by most BWC manufacturer using CJIS compliance securities, reliable facilities, redundancy network, high availability servers, and reliable support with a few additional enhanced features.

  • Free evaluation and recommendations base on your requirements
  • Low cost location assessment and recommendations
  • Low monthly fee based on a per device or per user
  • Reliable remote access support
  • No additional software to buy
  • Dedicated support ticketing system to track your support calls
  • Help is available Next Business Day (NBD) M-F 8 am to 5 pm CST or 24×7

VisioLogix CAS provides highly reliable evidence management software 24×7. CAS eliminate the headache of maintaining your own servers, operating system, networks, etc.

  1. Low-Cost – VisioLogix is offering Law Enforcement agencies full use of our comprehensive evidence management system for only $19 per month per user with absolutely NO time restrictions or commitments.
  2. VisioLogix also provides agencies with Free 5TB of Cloud storage for long term retention or backups.
  3. Hydra-SOS – Run our software on your own server with your own storage. You own and control your own storage

CAS is powered by VisioLogix EMS Enterprise “Hydra” software.

  • EMS Enterprise “Hydra” is our most comprehensive Body Worn Camera (BWC) management system to date because the system no longer restricted to just BWC media only. Hydra is a direct result of customer input and market requirements by both law enforcement and private security agencies. While Hydra works best with our CITE camera, it is not limited and can support any media device that captures from other sources such as interview room, the polygraph interview, DVR/NVR media, smartphones, etc. A new enhanced video pixilation process protects privacy concerns when releasing the video to resources outside the agency.
  • Hydra presents an easy to use and logical web interface allowing users to focus on the media files vital to them and provide the tools needed to optimize workflow. You can organize, categorize, group, view and search records with ease. Hydra also delivers complete media retention services to improve data storage based on defined policies and provide archival capabilities that are fully logged.

Integration with Hydra-SOS

VisioLogix’s CAS is securely delivered to the customer via Hydra-SOS. Hydra Storage-On-Site (Hydra SOS) provides a secure gateway between VisioLogix’s Evidence Management software and customer’s on-premise storage.

With Hydra-SOS, customers with new or existing NAS or server based disk solutions can use it as the primary on premise storage. Let VisioLogix manage the software and provide the latest releases and support while you provide the storage with the comfort that the data is always located securely on premise. Leverage your hardware investment and easily project future costs with confidence.

Experience zero maintenance on server hardware and annual comprehensive software maintenance and support from our award winning support team. Act now to take advantage of our IACP 2018 Pricing Special – Cloud Hydra-SOS service is available for the very low price of $19.00 per user/camera per month.

The advantages of Hydra-SOS are:

  • No variable monthly storage cost
  • No data access fees
  • Guaranteed to work with customer storage solutions
  • Set your monthly pricing for software use (no variable pricing)
  • Simplifies budgeting and cost projections
  • Full control of your storage
  • File ownership issues no longer an issue as compared to some cloud solutions
  • Faster response reviewing media files
  • No internal download delays due to slow internet
  • No server to purchase or setup
  • No software maintenance contract
  • Reliable and timely support
  • Get 5TB of Cloud storage for files you want to retain longer

How does Hydra-SOS works?

Hydra-SOS creates a secure communication between VisioLogix Cloud Application Service (CAS) and the customer’s storage through a service install and running on a Windows® server. Only port 443 (HTTPS) between CAS and the server are needed to provide a secure connection to the customer’s data. In additional VisioLogix can provide VPN service and implement restrict data access on the Customer’s network only. As upload data always remain on Customer’s network, fixed high costs bandwidth is no longer required. Customer is guarantee data is always available and secure at Customer site. The requirements for Hydra-SOS is listed below:


Server (Firewall port 443 (HTTPS) open to PC)

  • Intel or AMD x86 Server
  • i3/i5/i7 or Xeon Processor running Dual or Quad Core 2.0GHz
  • Minimum 8GB RAM
  • 120GB SSD
  • Gigabit Network
  • Minimum Windows 10 (Limit to 10 concurrent connection) or Windows 2012 R2 Server
  • IIS 8.0 or higher

Storage Devices Support

  • Direct Access Storage (Windows server with RAID hard drives)
  • Network Access Storage (NAS)
  • Amazon AWS Storage
  • Microsoft Azure Storage Blob
  • Wasabi Storage

VisioLogix can also provide our own cloud solution as an option. The VisioLogix Advanced Cloud Ecosystem (ACE) provides options to manage digital evidence from numerous sources such as body-worn cameras, in-car DVR, interview rooms, NVR recordings, etc. ACE minimizes deployment costs, eliminates internal network performance and growth issues by providing all the advantages of having the latest equipment and infrastructure services without the headaches and mystery costs associated with running an EMS solution.

Forever Grateful

We appreciate our valued customers for their feedback and comments as it is used to improve our product and services. We are forever grateful for their reviews, good or bad, and will be posting them here.

“In June of 2017, I began the process of evaluating new body worn cameras for my agency after encountering customer service issues with the company we previously used. It is at this time that I began to speak with Jay Shah at Visiologix concerning their new body worn cameras and C3 Sentinel client software. My department conducted testing of their product for several months, and ultimately we chose Visiologix to become our new body worn camera provider. After receiving our new equipment, Jay assisted me in getting all of it set up even though he had to go out of the country on personal business. Jay is someone that I have contacted at all hours of the day and night, and he has been very responsive to the needs of my agency. I have also worked with Hanh Dang in the installation of our new docking station, and he was instrumental in getting that equipment tied into our C3 Sentinel program with no issues to date. We have been using Visiologix’s body worn cameras for several months with only minor issues that have come up. The issues that we have had have been rectified in a timely manner with minimal downtown for our equipment.”

Lt. Patrick N. Fortenberry – Greer Police Department

“I just want to express my gratitude for assisting us in our transition from our old body cam system to Visiologix. The Visiologix products are easy to operate, efficient, and provide quality video/audio. The customer service you provided during the switch was outstanding; and remains so since our switch. Thank you again for you continued help.”

Captain Brent McCain, Paragoud Police Department

“I would like to take this opportunity to express how please we are with the HD Protech (VisioLogix) IT Support Staff. During the last three years we have been with them, Jay & Hanh have been simply amazing. They are polite, professional & precise at all times. Even during Hurricane Harvey Jay remained dedicated to handling our complaints and accommodated our concerns from his residence, which I believe he was trapped in for at least week. As for the C3 Sentinel Software, it couldn’t be more user friendly and easy to navigate even for the most technologically challenged individuals like myself. Keep up the good work!”

Captain Kevin S. Nastasi, Greenwich Township Police Department

“In our industry, quality is paramount. Whether speaking to equipment or customer service, the professionals at Visiologix have far exceeded our expectations in every way. Their technical service team is second to none and continue to provide expedient customer service and comprehensive solutions for our every need; be it software or hardware. We are very pleased with their commitment to excellence and look forward to a successful partnership in the coming years with Visiologix.”

Lt. Travis Engler – Criminal Investigations Division, Jackson County Sheriff’s Office

“The VisioLogix camera is ideal for our department application. The audio and video quality is great! The camera covers more area then cameras we’ve had in the past and the audio is nice and clear. The night vision option was another reason we purchased these cameras. The software is user friendly, easy to use and automatically purges accidental recording and recordings that have no relevance that saves on storage space where we know that storing video evidence is an issue.

I must say the tech support is the best I’ve ever had to deal with. Jay is always there when I need him and he periodically checks up on my department to make sure everything is running good with our cameras. Now days this does not happen with vendors.”

Sergeant Brad McNeill – Parke County Sheriff’s Office

“We have tried other camera systems in the past but the Visiologix CITE M1G3 camera is a cut well above the rest. The video and audio on recordings are crystal clear. The ease of use, tremendous battery life, GPS function and night vision are the best we’ve dealt with. They’re built tough but are easy to use. Downloading and managing files is a snap. When used with the C3 Sentinel management system we’ve got a well-functioning body worn camera system that not only meets but exceeds all requirements for our department. The other selling point was the outstanding support and customer service. They’re always prompt and courteous. I highly recommend this system for any agency looking for cutting-edge quality and ease of use by its officers.”

David Smith, Marshal – Red River Marshal’s Office

“I am glad to say that I am completely satisfied with the body worn video cameras we have recently purchased from VisioLogix. The cameras are incredibly easy to use and have great video & audio quality. They are affordable, even on a small budget and the customer service is top notch.”

Justin N. Collom – Chief of Police, Tuckerman Police Department