A1 Features

VisioLogix introduces CITE A1, the Body Worn Camera (BWC) designed using Android. The A1 is engineered as a multi-role BWC providing both overt and covert operation with Live Tracking and Live Video Streaming to a backend management server.

Like the M1G3, the A1 went through the same rigorous requirements that law enforcement demands such as being able to annotate in the field instead of going back to the office. While the M1G3 requires EMS Mobile loaded on the MDT/MDC to allow Officers to annotate in the field, the A1 has the EMS Mobile Client built-in so no other device is needed to annotate in the field. The 4″ touch display is the perfect size (similar to smartphones) allows Officers to type easily, review, classify and assign case numbers to all videos and/or images directly from the camera.

The A1 is also available with the default Android OS so you can load your own application such as CopCast. Agencies testing out CopCast should highly considered testing the A1. A few Key differentiators are:

  • Rated at IP65
  • Designed to survive a 2 meter drop
  • Has Infrared (IR) light
  • Record widescreen without having to turn the camera sideways

Over 25 agencies worldwide provided feedback to developing the A1. Also because the A1 is Android based, additional Android apps can be developed and run on the camera

A1G2 Unique Features

• Android based camera• Camera Config Tool Software control all Aspect of the camera features
• Full HD 1080P@30, 720P@30-60 and D1@30• Configurable Pre/Post settings
• Max 36MP Pixels with EIS support• Limit user to make changes to camera parameters
• IP67 (Waterproof and Dust Proof)• Motion detection recording when set by software and cannot be turned OFF or ON by user
• Multi-Language Voice• Audio voice announcement now included multi-language (RECORDING, AUDIO RECORDING, STOP, etc.)
• 3.1" LCD Touch Display• Camera logs all actions (buttons push). The camera log is uploaded when connecting to EMS
• Integrated GPS• Access to camera is restricted. Password required to view camera DATA (videos, photos, and audio)
• Integrated Bluetooth• Audio Recording or Photo button can be Admin disabled
• Integrated WiFi• Single button Covert Operation - disabled all indicators (LED and Audio)
• Integrated 4G/3G• Auto Reminder tone to notify Officer camera is still recording (Settable Time)
• USB 3.0 Desktop/Vehicle Docking/Charging Station included• Admin can remove menu items to limit access to features
• Standard 64GB Storage with option for 128GB • Easily set camera settings by saving different camera profile types
• Long battery life with 4 hour charging time• Password Protection access to Camera
• 3500mA Li-ion battery (SWAPPABLE)• Optimized for battery saving based on Android proven technology
• 4 IR LED, Auto IR Cut Filter, Shooting distance 3-5m• Auto upload via WiFi or USB Docking Station
• Approximately 10 hours at 1080P Resolution at normal operations• EMS Mobile integrated with Camera
• Auto Bitrate Recording (Coming Soon)• Allows for low storage, always on recording. Record at lower bit rate until record button is pressed (Camera switch to standard bit rate)
• Up to 30 Days standby mode• Live View (can be initiate by Dispatch)
• Auto Reminder LED and Tone/Vibrate• Live Tracking (can be initiate by Dispatch)
• Optimal Low Light close to human eye• Partner Locator (Officers can locate his/her partner)
• Wireless or USB Dock Upload capable• Long Lasting docking mechanism
• Customizable Applications• Live View via WiFi or 4G
• Emergency Live View recording to the server for immediate access
• Ability to view & annotate video on the camera
• Activation based on Geo-fence set by dispatch
• Activation based on the type of call
• Activation based on proximity of alert
• Activation based on dispatch intervention
• Activation based on external sensors such as holster
• Activation based on CAD call location

The technology assurance plan (TAP) provides a worry-free deployment. On the third year, the camera refresh program allows customers to trade-in existing cameras for the new version. Currently the three-year and five-year plan is available


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